Welcome to Gathering Winds Farm. We are a small family farm in Poland, Maine cultivating community experiences through farm fresh food and a way of life reconnecting with the farming through agroforestry practices, fruit trees, hay fields, vegetables and farm to table.

 Gathering Winds Farm is small family farm and the curators of an agroforestry property in Poland, Maine.  Preserving farming, forestry, nature for generations to come.

We have been farming on a small scale for over 14 years while raising our family. Our children take an active role in caring for the animals we raise and participate in planning our farm goals each year. These past three years we have been farming on our new farm in Poland, Maine.  This past year, we were awarded a farming grant that begin a new journey for our small farming family and with the help of community and friends transitioned to our new farm adding a high tunnel to our farm diversifying our offerings.  We continue to explore our roots and continue a sustainable approach to farming and forestry.  Growing food for our family and community. We believe in sustainable practices, free ranging animals on the fruits of the lands and high quality produce that is produced locally and sold locally. Join us as we journey with our family on our new farm adventure.  Connecting Community to Farming through a journey that invites you to engage local.  See you soon!